Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday thru whenever. . .
June 27 - ???

     Of course, after all my whining about the cold, rainy weather in the NW, the sun has come out on Wednesday and it's actually pretty pleasant even though on the chilly side but we all had planned on layers anyway.
      I met Lorraine and Antonia at the Seattle/Tacoma airport Wednesday after storing Rhoda in long-term parking.  

Lorraine & Antonia
They had a good flight and Antonia was a trooper and a charmer
Antonia & Grandma getting reacquainted

 but ready for bed when we got to the hotel.

     Thursday the 3 of us tackled a small portion of Pike's Market, mostly to find a place to get breakfast - at 10 - after Antonia's nap as she's still on east coast time so woke up early west coast time and was ready for a nap when the rest of us would have been ready to just wake up.  But it's all about the baby's schedule - right.

     Lorraine and Antonia are at the hotel now taking a nap and I'm at the new ('04) Seattle library using the internet as the hotel doesn't offer it - or at least doesn't offer it for free.  What a great building for a library - the only Books Spiral in the world.
     So if you don't hear from me on a daily basis just remember that no news is good news and I'm sure we'll all be having a great time.  Jeff & Katie arrive Friday night and the other 3 - Patrick & Joanna and Buzz arrive on Sat.  and then we'll be joined for a day or so by Hugh's family who all live in WA.


mileage:  all by foot                     gas:   good NW fresh food         cab from airport:  $50 and nothing 
                                                                                                             else is being recorded:)

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