Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Naughty Lady From Shady Lane. . . .

Saturday, June 2nd

 Had a leisurely morning getting Rhoda ready to hit the road again and still trying to keep as cool as possible as again by 8 had the air running and the sun was beating down.

Sally has arrived - left NH in 70 degrees, arrived L.V. to 103
Picked Sally up at the airport ok after going from arrivals with a fast change of course when sign said "no vehicle over 8' "  Yikes!  That's me!  All the time I'm trying to talk to the attendant who's with Sally in her wheelchair.  So the guard tells me I have to pick her up at departures so the attendant has to wheel Sally and her luggage across the airport and down to meet me at departures all the while I'm trying to find departures because the airport roads AND signs are under construction.  So much fun!  But we do finally find each other and get the heck out of hot DODGE.

P.S.  The private jets coming and going out of L.V. are magnificant!

BUT, the heat kept following up - all the way through this desert - I couldn't find out the name of it:

But, it was a desert - desolate except for traffic trying to get to L.A. before dinner I think.  Weird landscape yet again; barren, sandy hilly, so different.  Wouldn't want to get stranded with car trouble or run out of gas - even though there was lots of traffic, it was going so fast, they wouldn't have even seen you or been able to stop (or probably wanted to stop or dinner would get cold).

We got as far as Barstow where we bought a few groceries and found a funky little RV Park called "Shady Lane".  We weren't sure if the "shady" referred to the park & people or to the shade provided by the cactus but it was fine:

Sally wanted to call Will but no phone but the booth was fun

Office of Shady Lane RV Park

Rhoda and Sally happy for the night
almost coast to coast

Mileage:   171                           Gas:  $78 @ $3.89                   Groceries (for 2):  $27
Shady Lane:  $28                      Weather:  guess?  but the best of all - a beautiful almost full moon
Street name of the day:   Zzyzx - no kidding - Sally saw it too and gasped at the same time as I

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