Friday, June 1, 2012

I take it ALL back

Friday, Mat 31st

     That's right - I take it all back - I don't love Gertie and I don't love anything over 100 degrees!
     I had my list for Gertie and she took me all the h___ over Las Vegas.  Only good thing was that I learned that L.V. is a lot more than "The Strip":

(taken out the window of Rhoda).  Out in the SUBURBS - about 20 miles out of my way - wherever Gertie thought I wanted to go:(   At least I saw that LasVegas is surrounded by mountains:

     And did I say it was HOT, even though it's DRY!!  Rhoda can't cool down, sitting in the shade isn't cool, the stores keep their doors open so they aren't really cool.  WOW!!
     I've been trying to find a cool campsite for Sally for tomorrow night and the coolest I can find is Barstow, CA about 150 miles from here.  It's only suppose to get to 99 degrees and down to 75 at night (2 a.m.)  instead of 79.  
     So, that's been my day - trying to cool off in this dry sauna.


mileage:  41                    camp:  $54 (it's the weekend and everyone wants to come here and warm up)
                                       internet:  $6


  1. Ooh I feel your pain. I came back from AZ middle of May. It IS NOT a friendly place to be when the summer weather starts. I ended up driving all the way to Tehachapi, CA instead of Barstow because it was 20 degrees cooler. I have decided I HATE THE DESERT. I am so enjoying checking in every day to see how things are going. Here's to cooler weather for you and Sally and Rhoda of course.

  2. Would you rather take the 90s and humidity?

    So, what are you thinking about Gertie?? I feel so bad. So much for research.