Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And here's the rest of the story

Wednesday, June 13th

     Got back to the garage before 8:30 and tires were there - just 45 mins. to put them on and we'd be on the road UNTIL they took the rear wheels off and found terrible brakes - metal against metal.  Here we go again.  And so, rotors too.
     Weren't able to get the right size ones until 10:30 ish so Sally & I did the town, ate, bought a few "things" and finally about 1 our job was done - or so we thought - no, just kidding - it was ready to go - after I paid yet another bill and told the owners I hoped to never see them again:) and after I got another lecture about how to drive "in the hills".  All good info and a good, although expensive, lesson.
     So, we trucked onward with only a short stop for a bite to eat and drove across some more little, funny CA hills

 - the right way - down into Paso Roblis and staying at the Wine Country RV Resort with a hop, skip, and jump over to US 1 and on up to Big Sur area tomorrow.


     mileage:  201               campground:  $49                     Blackburn's Mt. RV:  who cares anymore
     shopping:  who cares
     weather:  beautifully warm during the day, cools off a lot at night

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  1. Yeah cooler weather is in your future over on the coast!! If you can stop and eat @ Nepenthe don't miss it. You can eat outdoors and watch the sun go down...beautiful spot.