Friday, June 15, 2012

Ah Ha Moment after Moment After Moment!

Friday, June 15th

     Woke to heavy fog again but it started to lift by the time we were ready to take off to find coffee:)
      Continued on our way north with again lots of "pull-offs" for gorgeous views:

     The thing again that was so beautiful, in addition to the ocean and marveling at homes perched so close to the edge, were the multiple colored plants growing on the roadside and up the craggy mountain sides.  Bright oranges, yellows, reds, white, all shades of green.  A landscape designer couldn't have done better.  A bench would have been nice to sit and soak it all up!

Notice the colors on the hills going right down to the ocean

Low Tide and a little pool left behind

Would you want to be sleeping in this house during a down-pour
knowing that there have been many earth-slides that have
taken entire sides of mountains down.
Ahhh . . . not me!
No matter how nice a view or how cheap.

OK, enough beauty (can there ever be enough)

     We continued up to the big expectation of BIG SUR --  BIG disappointment.  It was the only stretch of highway that was inland, couldn't even see the ocean.  There were a couple of cute little Inn/gift/grocery/gas shops but they were far apart and no warning of their impending appearance so we didn't stop at any of them thinking that the best was yet to come but . . . nope.  Everything south of and north of Big Sur was magnificent but not Big Sur itself unless we missed the turn-off.

     We did some house shopping in Carmel and found our dream vacation home right on the ocean with enough land so that if some got washed away we'd still have some to spare.  It'd be affordable if we could find 52 other people to go in on it with us and we'd each get 1 week.  I get first dibs on 1st week of July and I get first dibs on any other cancellations.  AND this house has a guest house so we could make it more affordable by renting this out to those on the waiting list.  Be the first to sign up and you can have your pick of any week except the 1st week of July.  Fed. Ex to me a deposit of $50,000 and I'll see if I can get us a deal if we get 50 others because there were a couple of other houses for sale in the neighborhood.  And don't worry, I'll only take 1/2 of the brokerage fee.
     The other thing to keep in mind to budget for would be the monthly fee we'd have to collect from everyone for taxes, maintenance, upkeep, and maid service but I think we could hold that to about $1000 per month per person but I'll have to confirm that figure.

Look at that view!
Look at those windows looking out at the view!
Sunsets every night!
       Rest of the trip was congestion, fast, impatient drivers, and a few more brown CA hills with 1000s of strawberries growing at their base.  Not a bad introduction back into civilization.
      We arrived at my son and daughter-in-law's house early afternoon and have been catching up on more space than we are familiar with, soft couches, big kitchens, full baths and you know what, it feels good.
      Sally flies home tomorrow to more of the same and I'll reacquaint myself with the CA lifestyle and a couple of friends from high school, college, and maybe even people I've never met but corresponded with who also love their Roadtreks.  Then Rhoda & I will turn ourselves north up the coast of CA, OR, & WA and enjoy our tiny space again.



Which map visual do you like better?
Full view of route or close-up of most recent portion of trip?

mileage:  104                             gas:  $60                          lodging:  unknown

P.S.  I was just kidding about the house - sorta - unless you can find 50 other people with money to 
         spare but who can put a price on a week of splendor.

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  1. I prefer the full map view. The reader can always click on the thumbnail and see it larger. Have fun with Jeff and Katie!