Sunday, June 24, 2012

Traveling on down the road

Saturday, June 23rd

     Peeked out the window before I even got out of bed and the sun was shining, sky was blue so life is good.
     Drove past Myrtle Beach, Shivley Rd, Patrick's Creek and Patrick's Creek Inn.  Rhoda is sparkling clean.  Life is good.
     Now I have Smith River to impress me as it travels along side me.
     In Kirby, OR I have to pull over to investigate the Burl Gallery - a collection of fantastical, druid-like, hand created buildings (at least 10), all different 
and all displaying redwood burl or the like products in finished and unfinished forms from porch swings, to tree houses, 

to vases, bowls, tables, wall hangings, rocking chairs, couches - you name it.  Funky, funky, funky but fun 
ET - phone home
and even the 3 back-woods old men who were apparently the creators of this whimsical place.  Do my "kids" remember the big barn place near Cooperstown that we all just sort of walked around in unbelieving what we were seeing - some more than others?  Well, this was sort of like that but not in a weird way but in as much of an "in awe" way.
     The pine forests I'm driving through again are amazing - the pine trees are SO TALL and so close together.  I think this is why Sally likes pine trees so much - they are so organized when that's all there are - no deciduous trees to throw their branches any which way.
     Where there's open spaces there are hundreds of sheep with very few black sheep in the flock, hundreds of white daisies along the roadside and on the hillsides, lamas, cows and no vineyards but lots of wine-tasting establishments?
     On the back of a truck in front of me:  Old Dogs, Children, Watermelon Wine
     A restaurant to cater to all tastes (but maybe not mine):  Sushi and BBQ
     Several cloud burst today but mostly sunny but still on the cool side.  As Linda said, everything in Eugene is so green because it rains all the time.  So far, I think she knows what she's talking about:)
     Stayed in a State Park just south of Eugene, OR.  Pulled in a little early to get hooked up before the descending sky opened up.


mileage:  187                                  gas:  $59  @ $3.999                                 camp:  $23 


  1. I remember that barn well. Sounds like you found another memorable location, albeit (I hope) without any doll heads scattered about like in Cooperstown.

    1. You do remember it well:) No doll heads here, nothing freaky, only fun and amazing.