Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It Was Bound to Happen

Tuesday, June 12th

     We left the Forest at 7:30, coffee shop 7:45-8:15.

     Began long descent and Rhoda did it again.  Yesterday I had some trouble with her coming off the Tioga Road on long descents - hard shimmying and shaking.  She was braking OK but her body went all screwy.  Yesterday we pulled off twice to give her a rest and a cool down but had to go slow to control her.

     Unfortunately most of the trip this a.m. was down, down, down, for miles and miles and I could only go about 20 - 25 miles per hour.

     When we got to Moccasin and turned off on to Rt. 49 we thought we were home free.  DO NOT TAKE RT. 49 between Moccasin and Mariposa!!  All hairpin curves, ups and downs, narrow AND cliff- hanging.  I thought the Colorado Monument was bad last year!!  The same cliff-hanging but this also had all the hairpin curves and I could only go about 20 mph with Rhoda dancing all over the road.  Good thing there wasn't much other traffic.

     Anyway, when we got to Mariposa, turned on to Rt. 140, got gas and stopped for coffee (for me) and donuts, we got to talking to the owners about business and I just happened to ask about a diagnostic mechanic (don't I sound like I know the lingo) and he sent me to the perfect grease shop - just like when my "kids" and I traveled to FL and needed service badly on Saturday before Easter in Sumpter, SC and we found "Bubba" the same way - by asking someone.

     First, the owner gave me a talkin' to about driving in "the hills" and having the rear something (I promise I'll ask again what it is) checked every other oil change.  He knew right off that I had burned the rotors and so needed new front breaks.  But they checked it out while we waited and yes that was it.  His wife/office manager gave us a ride to the library for 1 1/2 hrs. while that work was done.  BUT the OTHER bad news was, when we got back to the shop, ALL FOUR tires are/were checked/cracked BADLY on the sides and needed to be changed IMMEDIATELY!!  He was even hesitant to tell me to drive the 50 miles to the next town where they had my size tires.

     I know, you're thinking, oh they saw her coming!  But I really don't think so if you could see this operation.  So the decision was made that they'd get the tires in by 8 tomorrow and then we'll be on our way by 10 good as new - or better than before anyway - much better.  I think we were pretty lucky that nothing had happened to us with these 2 pretty serious issues.

     Of course I'll be fasting for the next 6 months but at least Sally & I'll live to tell our stories.  As I often say - things happen for a reason - usually.

     So, another, sort of, relaxing afternoon at about 90 degrees with only 1 hr. of free internet,  and the 6th day without cell service - sorry Judy, Jeff & Katie, Linda, Vonnie and all.


mileage:  71                         gas:  $81  at $4.19                        campground:  KOA  $50

Bob Blackburn's Mountain Auto & RV Center, Mariposa, CA  highly recommended and amount paid -   
        well let's just say, you can't put a dollar amount on it.


  1. So glad everything worked out. I remember that trip to Florida (and Bubba). Happy you had another similar experience, and it sounds like just in the nick of time.

  2. I do worry when you don't post for a couple of days. I am checking every day because I am enjoying "your" trip so much. I agree, things happen for a reason. Soooo glad you got things taken care of BEFORE something bad happened. Hiway 49 up in northern CA is a lovely drive....in a sports car but not so much in our RT's. Linda Rose 96C190V Carmichael, CA

    1. We saw many sports cars on 49 and yes, that would have been much more fun!