Monday, June 25, 2012

Trees to Traffic

Monday, June 25th

     I left Jane and McKenzie Bridge this morning and drove through the lush Cascades on my way back to civilization. 
 Said good-bye to the Three Sisters with their snow-capped peaks and their lava-feet thinking about what lay beneath all that seemingly inert material - hot, bubbly lava?  waiting for the next time???  Gives pause to think of all the natural, potential disasters no matter what part of the country/world we live in - hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods.  

Snow-covered Mt. Jefferson
     The McKenzie River followed me all the way to about Detroit - Detroit, OR where I found the Willamette Lake which I'm guessing was the damed up river and so it must be where the McKenzie flows into the Willamette.  Beautiful, large lake with beautiful homes around it, camping, a marina and still that gorgeous blue/aqua water and tall every green trees en masse.

I tried to move these pictures
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 I love the road sign that's posted just before a little town - "Congestion".  That says a lot doesn't it and you know you should slow down and look around.
    Also of note are the numerous opportunities for coffee or espresso - every little town, every country road, every cross road, every market has a little kiosk or sign on the building for coffee or usually it says espresso and even one such kiosk said "Pony Expresso".  You know you're in coffee country now - unlike OK or TX.
     Today the roadside colors were bright golden yellow with a small bush, purple low-growing flowers, the white daisies, and lighter purply-pink foxgloves.
     As I got closer to Salem and the trees got left behind there were acres and acres of - NOT grapevines but baby pines or larger orchard trees in a funny shape - branches almost to the ground, pyramidal in shape but with the tops cut square and a decent size dark purply-red fruit being picked - maybe plums??
     Fireworks must be legal in both OR and WA as every large parking lot of shopping centers, Wal-Marts, Lowes, etc. had huge tents set up with all kinds of signs and flags flying advertising Fire Works for sale.
     I learned something new today - well probably I knew it at some time but hadn't had use for the knowledge so it got buried - the capital of OR is not Portland, it's Salem and do you know the capital of WA??  I now do.
     Another questions - even though no one ever answers my questions - what's the 45th parallel 1/2 way between?  It was on a road sign but I didn't see it in time to finish reading it and I've been wondering what was so notable about it.
     Wouldn't you like to sleep at a SnoozInn?
     In the state of WA, I-5 is called the Lewis and Clark Trail.  I'm loving the names of all the highways I travel as well as the names of other things, in case you hadn't noticed.  Like Toledo, WA.  Do you think that by the time the pioneers got out west they were getting really homesick so named their new home after their old ones?
     Another name that caught my attention - Going St.  Do you think there's a Coming St.?
    In case you're wondering - yes, it has rained today but only briefly.  Basically it was rather nice - bright even though heavily clouded with white thick clouds but still a little on the cool side - probably didn't hit much above 68-70.
     So, most of the day I've traveled in traffic after leaving the beautiful pine-cover Cascade area - a rude comeuppance but I made it all the way to Tacoma - only about 10 mins. from the airport so I'll hang out here tomorrow and pack for my week in Seattle and Vancouver with my family.  I've made my first list of things to do since I've left home so I'll be busy crossing things off - never fear - I won't be bored.


Now I've been corner to corner - almost
mileage:  323                          gas:  $71  @ $3.56                  camp:  $115  (for 2 nights)


  1. Gas prices sure go down when you get to Oregon don't they? Will you take the ferry and go over to Victoria? I did that several years ago.

    1. We're planning on Victoria and Buchart Gardens - if the weather stays dry. I've been there before and it's just lovely!