Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just the Beginning

Wednesday, June 6th

     Putzed around most of the morning doing laundry, buying groceries AT TRADER JOES (I don't think Sally is as enamored with it as I am:), getting gas and finding our way back to Route 41.
     Rt. 41 out of Fresno is not very scenic but there were a couple of cute little towns that we could stay at if we needed to.  It was a much more populated route than the approach to Sequoia.

 Entered Yosemite National Park, for free, about noon.   Already, Yosemite seems bigger, more "traveled" than Sequoia which by comparison seemed so intimate.  
     First order of business was to see if by chance there was a campsite available without much hope but we live right I guess, a cancellation gave us site #22 at Wawona campground and it was nice - right on the river and right next to 75 middle school kids all in tents but actually they were very well behaved except for knowing boundaries of what was their campsite and what was ours but not a problem really.

View from our campsite
Look how clear the water is!!
     Because we were in the Park, no electric, no water so it meant that when it got dark, it got dark was early to bed and with the plan of early to rise and see if we could score another night of camping and to get going on our big Yosemite adventure.


mileage:  71                 gas:  $38 @ $3.99              campsite:  $10 (senior rate)
groceries:  $27

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