Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't Wait!

Monday, June 11th

     Today was the Tioga Road which goes from the west side all the way to the east side of Yosemite at the northern end.  It started out just being a nice drive through the woods, a nice, narrow, curvy ride through the woods.  The ranger had said Rhoda's length wasn't a problem just watch the side-view mirrors - hummm.  We still have both:)
Sheets and sheets of layers of granite
     Olmstead Lookout was definitely a highlight.  The rock/boulder/mountains are smooth from the glaciers and so many rocks precariously placed you just wonder how they ever remain there without  tipping over.

Doesn't it look like someone placed these little rocks here!

And here!

Doesn't this look like a ski slope?  Just as smooth as new snow but it's all glacier-smoothed rock

From here we could see half dome
Half dome under the tree's branches and this tree grew around a big rock - looks like it's hugging it

 from another angle and Tanaya Lake in the distance

and then we drove right up to it.  It was so clear, blue and calm with mountains - with snow - in the background.
Hard to see the snow but it's on the mountain to the right
This Tioga Road only opened a couple of weeks ago due to snow
     Drove on to Tuloume Meadow which was a definite contrast to all the mountains, rocks, waterfalls and big trees.
     We didn't go all the way to the east because it was over 10,000' and Sally was already having trouble at the 8,000 plus we wanted to get back to our beginning before too late.
     On the way back we found yet another waterfall - small but sweet.
Again, a lone pine growing right in the rocks with the waterfall all around
     We chose to balance our expensive night last night with a stay in the Stanislaus Forest tonight with no elec., water, showers or flush toilets but quiet and hot:)
     So, for the "Don't Wait" title - those of you who are younger and/or in good physical condition, don't wait to start hiking - there's so much more depth to an experience when you can get out in it rather than just driving by, not that we feel cheated because there's just so much to see but hiking puts you right in it.  So, get out there with your hiking stick, back packs, gorp and water and go.


mileage:  114                              campground:  $9.50

This was taken from across a valley.  I spotted it in my binoculars.
To me it looks like nature has formed a perfect bonsai.
Just had to share.

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful pictures. I'm glad you went up the Tioga road. So many people miss that part of the park. I am so glad you are absolutely making the most of your visit to Yosemite (which I consider one of, if the THE most beautiful places om the USA). Linda Rose 96 C190V Carmichael, CA