Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fog crept in on Cat's Paws ?

Tuesday, June 5th

    It was FREEZING cold when we woke up! We didn't want to get out of bed.  We didn't want to change out of our jammies into cold clothes.
     We couldn't make coffee or have a hot breakfast.  BUT we also didn't have to scrape snow off the windshield like we knew might have happened in the night.  So, it wasn't all bad.
     Sally braved the cold to walk to the visitors center to get coffee and we made our plan for the morning:
  • get dressed
  • drive to the closest lodge, warm up, use their wifi and eat a nice warm lunch and plan the afternoon:
          take the shuttle to Moro Rock, climb the 400 steps to the top of the rock for the promised "spectacular view out over the whole area" and walk through the lovely meadow.

     Foiled!  as we were having lunch we watched the fog roll in, first at the top of the mountains and then it got lower & lower so that by the time we walked back out to get in Rhoda, the fog was wafting around us.
     Decided to drive on and see what happened.  What happened was that the fog got worse & worse & it was so damp cold out too so it was easy just to keep driving in nice warm Rhoda.

     We could barely see the trees beside the road as we descended out of Sequoia, through a bit of Kings Canyon and then down to Fresno.  Of course the lower we got the clearer it got. 

 So we missed 1/2 of Sequoia's views on it's northern portion but we know there's more to come tomorrow.
     I think that for at least 20 miles coming out of Kings Canyon on Rt. 180, I never once put my foot on the gas and had Rhoda mostly in second gear.
     When we hit "the flats" coming into Fresno, again there were fields and fields of fruit trees and fruit stands.  Everything in the valley is so green.
     We're in a privately owned RV park (Blackstone) right in the heart of Fresno with water & electric and fairly pleasant temperatures - like probably low 70s.  It does seem good to have electric and sun - I'm so spoiled.
     What we saw of Sequoia was absolutely marvelous and as we've read, Yosemite is even better so we're resting our eyes, charging the batteries in the cameras, gassing up, stocking the refrigerator, and will be ready to go again in the morning!!  FUN, FUN!


mileage:  86                gas:  $51  @ $4.29 (just outside the park)         lunch:  $20
camp:  $35  

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  1. Too bad about the weather, sounds like you made the most of it, though. I'd have kept driving, as well.