Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sequoia here we come

Monday, June 4th

      Woke up to lovely sun, perfect temp. and a desire to get to Sequoia.  Walked down to the river, did my tai chi and got ready to pull out.
      Drove into Sequoia about 9, again, Free.  Yeah!  I'm so glad to be a senior on the move!  And Rhoda just made the cut - 22' max.
     We immediately felt a difference in the temp. and we immediately started say "ah- look at that, ah - look over there".  We immediately started pulling over at almost every chance we got to snap pictures that of course don't do the scenery justice.  We immediately declared this a GORGEOUS park - one that everyone needs to see in their lifetime - if they like beautiful views. 
Sue standing under Tunnel Rock
      There was everything from a rapidly running river over and around large rocks to heavily foliated little mountains (many peaks - all right there in your face).  
Yucca growing out of rock

We were told of construction up ahead that was only allowing cars to pass every hour on the hour so we moved right along to make the 10 o'clock pass-thru but this is the story that will last Sally's and my lifetime because at the time it was a panic situation but now we are laughing about it.  Briefly:  we had about 10 minutes to spare before we would be allowed to go so Sally said she was going to get up and walk up to the construction site.  I was going to download pictures as my chip was full.  Engines began to be turned on and no Sally. Cars began to move and no Sally.  So I decided to go forward and just pick her up along the way.  After about 5 car lengths, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw her walking quickly from way behind me.  What to do - no pull-offs, cliff on one side, straight granite wall on the other side and a row of cars going thru the construction.  Finally I decided I just had to stop in the middle of the road and when most of the cars had gone around me, I tried to back up but if you know me, I'm not a good backer-upper and kept hitting the curb because it was a windy road.  I knew Sally couldn't walk that far with her asthma and it was uphill.  What to do.  Well, finally, the last car was passing me and they stopped and Sally jumped out.  OMG!  Well, anyway, after a few scolding words about when you say you're going UP, down go down, we are now laughing about the happy ending.  And we'll be forever grateful to the 3 kinds MEN in the car.
     Some of the most gorgeous scenery was of course thru the construction area but I didn't push my luck and try to stop again in the middle of the construction to take more pictures. 
     After this ordeal we came to the Giant Sequoia Grove.  OMG!!  again.  We learned that they aren't as tall as the CA Redwoods but are bigger in volume.  What a marvel they are to behold!  Of course stopped and hugged a few - or hugged a ridge of their bark.  Their color is beautiful - a rich chestnut brown and so straight.

We went to get a first-come-first-serve camp sight with no electric, no water but right by the river and under the pines.  So it was good.  I'm using my propane for the first time to keep the refrigerator cold - it took a bit to get it switched over but it did finally.  Yeah!
Our campsite (at Lodgepole) with running river, baby sequoia
Rhoda in the pines

     We took a shuttle to the largest tree in the world!  What a foot print!  General Sherman is his name.  He's 109' around at the base.  His top is dead but he's still growing at the base.  I think the base of these trunks look like a dinosaur elephant foot with indented toes.

General Sherman
     From the shuttle stop we had to walk 1/2 mile down hill with some steps and were dreading the climb back up but lo and behold - there was a shuttle bus at the bottom that we just saw by coincidence.  For the second time today, we were so grateful!

Chartreuse moss growing on the trees
     By this time the temperature had really dropped and the skies were quite over cast but we were still having a great adventure and I guess I really was grateful for the 3 nice men who brought Sally back to me:)


mileage:  26                          camp:  $20                   Bread at camp store:  $4.50
of interest:  no black bear encounter yet but warnings everywhere
surprising:  the elevation in these parks is the highest in the lower 48 states



  1. Thanks so much for the reminder about this gorgeous park. I had been there as a child (when I probably didn't appreciate it much). Now looking at your pictures I realize the need to visit it again.

  2. Great recap, Mom. So glad you and Sally were "reunited", beautiful photos, and sounds like a really full day of wonder.

  3. I just cried laughing so hard reading the story to Jeff about you and Sally. I can see this playing out! Too funny!

    1. I don't know why my name didn't show up but this is Katie Holland : )

  4. Yes, I was laughing too at Aunt Sally BUT would have scolded her to jump in a car with 3 strange men!! I was curious - did she flag down a car and they were the only ones to stop or did they stop and wonder why there's a lone woman walking on the side of this road? Funny!

    Can't believe the size of these trees!! That one looks like a door for dwarfs but I'm sure that dark area is much taller than dwarfs.