Sunday, June 10, 2012

And on the Seventh Day. . .

Sunday, June 10th

     Oh, you're going to love this post - no pictures, little talk.
     We decided to take a day of rest.
      Drove to Groveland, CA, grocery shopped, ate pizza, got gas, looked in one gift shop, drove to new  campsite - and we thought last nights was expensive!  This one, un-be-knownst to me was a Thousand Trails (membership) campsite (Yosemite Lakes) but a few sites open to the public at only $68 with not so great amenities but only 10 miles from the entrance to Yosemite - location, location, location.  So, it's our day of rest but too bad those days don't come when you're in one of those gorgeous sites.  Oh well.


mileage:  31                               gas:  $75 (I got cut off at that limit)      pizza:  $22 (split 2 ways)
groceries:   $63                      camp:  $68                                           laundry:  $6.50
weather:  I've failed to report the last few days that daytime temps have probably been close to 80 but 
                nights, as I have reported are quite chilly.  This morn. it felt good to be able to turn the heat on 
                for a spell but day warmed up quickly.

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