Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Love My Gertie - finally!

Thursday, May 31st.
     It finally cooled off enough last night to shut off the AC - it's quite loud - and turn on the fan and open windows.  Started out warm but cooled off enough to sleep comfortably.
     This a.m. I had to turn AC back on by 8 and right now at 5:15 it's 101 with an "excessive heat warning" according to   But it's dry:)   Tomorrow is suppose to get to 107 (so it might just be a pool afternoon - in the shade):  
The adult pool

but back down to 103 on Sat. when Sally joins me.  And poor Rhoda just can't cool down very much with AC running constantly.  I bet Sally will be looking at the map tonight to find the fastest route to the mountains:)
     I rinsed the coffee pot out under the outdoor faucet and the water coming out of it was hot enough to make instant coffee with but it was so easy coiling up the electrical cord when I got ready to pull out for my little jaunt because it was so warm and pliable.
     From a list of places & stores to see in L.V. from all the brochures they gave me at front desk, Gertie & I set out to see what we could find and she did an astounding job!  I'd like her to be a little quicker with what turn is coming up but I've learned to be patient with her and hope that the 4 lanes of traffic aren't so bad that I can't get from the right lane to the left when she tells me "in a quarter mile, turn left on Dean Martin Blvd.".  Only once did I have to say "Oh come on Gertie, REALLY!!".  
     I found the next TJ MAXX combo Goodwill store in L.V.  It's called:  SAVERS.  Have you ever heard of it before?  Most of what I bought was brand new - probably what stores couldn't sell but maybe some was used but the only way I'm guessing that might have been the case was because a tag was cut out.  I think much of the home goods were donated stuff though.  I think their charity is Boys/Girls Clubs.  Anyway, I did alright!  Also went to a grocery chain that I was introduced to last year in CA that was fun:  TRADER JOES.  Anyone been to one?  I went to their website and found that there's one in Albany, NY (to hit on my way back to FL) and one in Sarasota, FL (good excuse for a trip to the west coast).  Most everything is their brand but really good quality and different.  (Can you tell I'm stretching for things to talk about today?)
     Because I couldn't take any pictures of "The Strip" as cars were honking at me when I tried to stop in the middle of the road and because I think you already know how pretentious it is, so I took pictures of my "Resort"where I'm staying for 3 nights.

The entrance to "The Oasis RV Park" in downtown L.V., NV
The gardens

The children's pool
Mileage:  27 (round trip)                 Groceries:  $25                    Shopping:  $70
Camp:  $45 plus $6 internet
Most interesting "business":  Remnant Ministries ???


  1. Oooh I feel for you in that heat. Looks like a very posh resort for Rhoda, you and Sally. It's supposed to hit 95 up here in Sacramento and then cool down to the 70's by Monday and Tuesday. Are you heading north or going further west to the California coast before you head north? You are still welcome to a spot in my nice flat driveway with electricity.

    1. Sally flies out of San Jose on the 17th where I'll spend a couple of days with my son then head north via the coast. Thanks. I'll be in touch.

  2. I have heard of Trader Joes and have heard raving reviews. Everyone loves them!