Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some Dam Place

    Monday, May 21

     That's right, I stayed at some dam place - it's another Corps of Engineers park - Springhill Park, near Fort Smith, AR.
      But, let's back-up.  (I'm sitting in a welcome center - OK - on Tues. morn)
      Left the KOA about 9 (it was worth the extra $$ as the bathrooms/showers/laundry facility, as well as the campgrounds were pristine and lovely - a nice break PLUS "In the event of severe weather, shelter is available in the main building in our storm cellar".  That was so reassuring!
     First I went to the Garvan Woodland Gardens run by the U of AR.  They were WONDERFUL!  I only visited the Japanese gardens as to see it all would have taken all day.

 Me standing on the Moon Bridge

     Then I went downtown Hot Springs and toured the National Park run Bath Houses - the restored, museum ones.  There are still a couple in business but they are still even controlled by the National Park - an interesting concept for the Park system.  The concept is the same as in the Roman Baths except that in these baths you had a big soaking tub and an attendant for each step of the about 6 step process. Very interesting.
     Then I took the "scenic" route - you know those dotted roads??  The whole Rt. 7 then 10 was called The Civil War Trail but I didn't see a single marker along the way showing any reason why it was called such.  Well, basically it was just not an interstate - not very scenic at all and curvy - oh my goodness, one curve after another so they must have really been following an old Indian trail because there was no reason I could see for avoiding boulders or cliffs.  And all the state parks that were on the map - no signs for them so had to go all the way to Fort Smith and use an awesome app to find this dam place:

The view from my campsite


mileage:  165 miles                                gardens:  $8
gas:  $36 @ $3.53                                   camp:  $9
weather - very enjoyable - warm but not overly hot
Interesting town name of the day:  Ola   and   Magazine

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