Friday, May 25, 2012

I Love My Rhoda !!

Thursday, May 24th    

 Left my "Happy Trails" :) campsite

at 10 this a.m. despite high wind warnings again.  Drove to the Palo Duro Canyon just south of Amarillo.  It was amazing to come across it after driving past flat, flat, barren land and then the ground just opens up and there's a canyon.  Isn't Mother Nature amazing!
     Drove past lots of cows lying down - out east this usually means it's going to rain, out here I think they're just waiting for the grass to grow because I couldn't see anything for them to graze on.
     I paid my admission and camping fees without being able to use my senior status because only TX residents get to do that - aren't they just so special:)
     So, the reason I love my Rhoda is that she has good breaks and got me down the steep grade of the canyon as well as up hills with gusto, around sharp curves without going over the edge, waded fording streams (I think she actually liked being able to wash the dust of OK off her wheels), and pulled over at the drop of a hat and waited patiently for me to wander about and take pictures all the while keeping everything in the refrigerator nice and cool.
     I know you all have been waiting patiently also for my rock pictures, well wait no longer, here's the canyon - not grand as most everything else in TX is (like beetles, churches, route #s that are in the thousands, not hundreds) but none-the-less pretty nice.

From the top of the canyon

     After doing a quick run-through of what there was, I went to the "Trading Post" for a little snack - a terribly, bad, wonderful snack - fried corn dog, awesome home-cut french fries just to my standards.  It was such a guilty pleasure that I didn't want to document it with a photo:)
     Hiked a little and only a little because at the head of each trail was a thermometer and you can see what the temp was:

Went to my wonderful campsite, turned the AC on (another reason I love my Rhoda) and actually sat outside in the shade.  It was hot - duh - but so dry with a whisper of wind.  It was all "rough" behind me so I did keep checking to make sure no rattlesnakes, bobcats or Indians were sneaking up on me.

Very quiet and peaceful


mileage:  48                                                             weather:   HOT
gas:  $71 @ $3.40                                                    town of the day:   Happy, TX  (this needs to be
park entrance and campsite:  $24                                 added to Patrick's 


  1. The canyon looked neat! Were others there as well? Glad no snakes, bobcats or Indians got you. :)

    1. Yes, several others but lots were coming in the morning I left - Memorial Day weekend