Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Wipe Out !! "

Saturday, May 26

     For those of you old to enough to remember Route 66 and the music of that time - the song "Wipe Out" applies to my travels today.
     Before I left this morning, I cut up a papaya that I had brought from FL totally green from sister Barbara's tree.  I was surprised that it ripened so well.  Nice treat!

     I left the campground at 9:30 to find The Blue Hole:

    Very interesting - it is the beginning of the river that runs through the Carlsbad Caverns in southern NM.  It is a natural spring with a constant temp. of 61 degrees so the kids you see jumping into it are real dare devils and there weren't many.  It's known for scuba diving and there were several there, as it's only 60' across at the top but 120' at the bottom which is an underground river that flows down to the Caverns and then I don't know where.  Very pretty color.

     I then drove a little on the old Route 66 but they were beginning to line up for a Memorial Day parade so I got on my way to the strongest winds yet.  No wonder they're having trouble fighting that forest fire which I still don't know where it is NM or AZ??
     Enjoyed the little glimpses I dared look at in the barren landscape with the yucca blooming and a low-growing purple ground cover blanketing the landscape with clumps of bright yellow somethings on a background of sage green scruff.  Very pretty.
     I'd had it by 1, plus it was getting very hazy with blowing dust I guess so decided to stop at the same RV Park I stayed in last year because I loved their funky old Route 66 vintage campers, cars and memorabilia -
An old Wurlitzer organ from a silent movie house in PA that they've totally restored

   All afternoon Rhoda has been rocking and rolling in this really strong wind and I'm glad to not be on the road.  I hope it lets up tomorrow because I want to go to the "Rocking Rods" show:)


 mileage:  131
Gas:  $71 @ $3.66
Camp:  $26
town name of interest:  Zuzax, NM  (too bad it's a proper name or it'd be good in Scrabble)   

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