Monday, May 14, 2012

First Night - Cedar Key, FL

     The fish are jumping, the sun is setting, a lovely breeze off the water, a quiet, small lovely campground (Sunset Isle) in Cedar Key, FL.  What a way to spend my first night.
                                               This is the view off my private dock.

     I left home about 11:30 with everything tucked in and ready for their long summer rest:

     The last thing I thought of as I nearly walked out and locked the door, was my passport.  Heavens!  Wouldn't that have been just ducky.
     Shortly after gasing up, Gertie 11 said she needed plugging in and upon trying to do so, I couldn't.  Called Lorraine figuring it was a generational thing I just couldn't manage, asking if I could stop for help.  Lo & behold - it wasn't me - they sent the wrong car charger for my model:(  Luckily Lorraine had an old phone charger that fit Gertie so I was off and running again.  I need to get to know Gertie 11's personality before I pass judgement but was disappointed that when I took a turn she hadn't planned for me, she didn't tell me that she was going to "recalculate" it for me.  This Gertie just ignores my transgression, pouts for a mile and then just proceeds as if it was all planned.  She does need to learn to enunciate a little better too but I'm the one who'll probably have to just pay closer attention to her.
     Went SW to visit Jim & Betty in Hudson, FL who were my neighbors the whole time I've been in FL.  They moved into assisted living.  We had a nice little visit.
     Libby - if you're reading this, I went by "our" fabric store in Homosassa Springs on Rt. 19 on my way here.  Too late to stop.

mileage:  248                                        travel time:  about 5 hrs. not counting the visiting time
gas:  $63
air:  $4

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  1. I got a kick out of tracking mileage, gas and air. I can't believe Gertie 2 has enunciation problems. What a disappointment! May be difficult if you are in traffic and trying to concentrate on the roads but yet can't understand her. Bummer.

    You seem to find nice campgrounds with nice views! Anxious to hear about your first true sight seeing experience.