Friday, May 25, 2012

Gobble, gobble, gobble

Friday, May 25th

     That's what woke me up this a.m. - gobble, gobble, gobble.  I thought my sister-in-law Sally P. had come to visit.  I'd seen the turkeys the day before just wandering around from campsite to campsite so I shouldn't have been too surprised when they were there calling for breakfast.
     Left the campsite at 9 to go to a trail head thinking I'd beat the heat but didn't go too far as the thermometer was already registering 90 and besides, I wanted to get to the top of the canyon so I could call Lorraine to see how Antonia's appointment went and YEAH, very good news.
     Went back to Amarillo to get back on I-40 as it's really the only way to go east/west in this neck of the states.  I needed a few groceries but couldn't find a grocery store so used my handy-dandy "Where" app and even though it meant going 3.6 miles east, I did it and was I ever glad I did.  I want to live in Amarillo so I can shop at the Market Street grocery store!!  OMG!!  I spent an hour in there just looking and buying  too much.  My eyes and stomach are bigger than Rhoda's refrigerator (but I still love my Rhoda).  The store was 4 times as big as Whole Foods in Orlando and what a selection.  Think I'll buy stock:)
     Got back on I-40W and again drove past flat, flat, flat land with lots of grain growing but again I don't know what the cows were grazing on but they were luckier than the cows I next saw - 100s of them squooshed together in a muddy pen:(
     And then, all of a sudden - Buttes and the wind picked up to again 30-40 mph and hold on Rhoda.
     Entered NM - the Land of Enchantment and I felt like my trip was really starting.
     Am staying in Santa Rosa - on the old Route 66 - half way between Amarillo (I keep wanting to say Armadillo) and Albuquerque.
     Do you know about the Blue Hole?  I'm going to see it tomorrow.
     I'm definitely in a different time zone - tried to go to a restaurant attached to the RV camp which opened at 5 and I got there at 5:45 and was told they'd be open in 15 mins.  Good to know.
TX Lizard
NM Lizard


Mileage:  203                                 Camp:  $28                         Groceries:  $68
Names of the day:  Toot 'n Totum  &  Pak a Sak  - gas station/convenience stores
                               Stuff It  - Taxidermy
                               Deaf Smith  - name of a county


  1. Such interesting names of the day! The lizard in NM looks much bigger than the TX one. I thought everything was bigger in TX? Market Street sounds like a great store. Is it as expensive as Whole Foods? I'm sure worth it though.

    1. Well, the tail was longer on the TX one anyway.
      Yes, it was as expensive as Whole Foods but so nice to have such a great selections and laid out so nicely - you just wanted to shop there. I looked on the Internet and I think they're only in west TX ;(