Thursday, May 17, 2012

Way down yonder on the Chattahouchee. . .

     You may not want to read old news but I feel I need to catch myself up - no wi-fi in 2 nights & I'm in the library in Waynesboro, Mississippi to do this.
     So, 2nd day out is hardly worth posting.  I didn't sleep at all my first night in Rhoda:  1st night in Rhoda's bed, stomach not feeling well so this day wasn't good.
     Left at 10:30 even though I was tempted to stay.  Rt. 19 up the west coast of FL is boring but no traffic, 4 lane divided highway and you can even buy pecans and mayhaw jelly (whatever that is).
     The love bugs were fierce!

   Do you know what a bunch of turkeys are called?  I don't know - flock, pack, pride??  Anyway, they were also plentiful.
    So about noon I found a shady big ole oak tree dripping in Spanish moss at a McDonald's parking lot and took about an hour nap, got on dreaded Hwy 10 W for a shot distance and pulled in to the first RV place I found in Chattahouchee - a KOA just west of Tallahassee.   It was fine, nothing special.  I took another nap.  Ate dinner early and went to bed.

mileage:  195
campground:  $34
gas:  $71 @ $3.72/gal


  1. Hi Sue, I am following your trek with interest. I am a solo trekker also and my 96 RT is new to me. It would be fun if you would post some info about the weather/temperatures your are finding as you travel. Linda Rose, Carmichael, CA

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I will. So far haven't needed AC when I pull in - just open everything up and nights cool off enough to pull up a blanket. Very pleasant but then I like it warm.