Monday, May 7, 2012


     My first posting - this is for practice to see if I can actually post to my own blog:)
So, I'm getting ready to leave on my probably 3 month travels around the U.S. in Rhoda.  Before I can leave I need to: 

  • finish sewing projects  (as of last night - 95% done)
  • eat up food I don't want to leave behind nor take in Rhoda (plugging away at this, not buying any new food)
  • finish reading Steve Jobs.  It's too heavy to take with me unless I need to level one wheel at some point  (150 pgs left so also plugging away at that)
  • and of course pack supplies and put house to bed
  • oh, and I need to find someone to mow my lawn in Chateaugay for the summer.
     Now I have to figure out how to post pictures.  This isn't going to be a fancy blog, "just the facts Mam" plus hopefully some pictures of the places I visit and things I see.
     Join me!

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