Friday, May 18, 2012

Finally, Natchez, MS

     Woke to a beautiful morning with the sun rays reflecting on the mist between the trees of the forest.  It was so quiet and peaceful I almost hated to leave.  But leave I did at 9:30.
     It was an easy drive to Natchez, back on 84, following signs to the Visitors Center.  Saw a little movie about the area then drove a short distance to the old downtown area, found street parking for Rhoda and walked the streets but didn't linger too long on the corners:)
     It's a lovely old, pre and post Civil War town on the banks of the Mississippi.  It reminded me a lot of Charleston but much smaller, not quite as wealthy, and not a very vibrant downtown but very pleasant to walk around.  Several old homes open for tours but I've seen several in Charleston so didn't do that but couldn't help but take this picture of one:
     I'd heard about Biscuits and Blues as a good place to eat.  During the day, no blues but I'd imagine that it's a fun place at night if you do like blues.  The biscuits though were superb!
and they served them with this wonderful butter/jam mixture.  I could have had a whole meal of just biscuits but had to also try a po'boy, a shrimp po'boy.  It was good but not picture worthy.  Decided to take half of it home so I could have a Natchez beignet.  I didn't read the description - just thought I was getting a plain ole beignet but this is what I got:
Can you see the beignet peaking out under all that ice cream, carmel sauce and pecans.  Oh my!
     So then I had to walk it off so went to a path that went along the Mississippi and walked a spell:
                                                              Looking north to MN
             Looking south to the ocean with a river boat docked and the bridge to Louisiana

I crossed over to Louisiana to camp tonight at the River View RV park and am right on the River with the AC at full blast.  Got a huge downpour and wind storm for about 5 mins. but hot again now.      
                                                  This is my campsight view:


                  mileage:  28
                  camp:  $32                                      lunch:  $21
                  gifts for 2 grand daughters birthdays:   $18



  1. Beautiful house, beautiful views but my mouth was watering for the biscuits and the dessert. Yum!! Sounds like I'd like the quaint town too. Hope Gertie is better!

  2. Mike wants you to bring back a dozen biscuits, however I don't think they will be very good by August when we see you! I loved Natchez, did an old mansion tour and the history was awesome, especially the customs of the day for how the people lived. Did they tell you how deep and how swift the current is in the river in that area? There definitely isn't much of a chance of survival if you fall in. It's high 70's low 80's in Chateaugay the last couple days. Summer may have arrived early for the area.

  3. Terrific photos all around today. Love the shots of the Mississippi. And the tree in the front yard of that old home - amazing. Hoping the birthday gifts for the grand-daughters (Quinn and Antonia?) aren't biscuits.

  4. I think they'll keep, frozen, Mr. Snacktastic