Monday, July 2, 2012

And the Gang's All Here. . .

Monday, July 2nd

     The rest of the family arrived Friday night or Saturday by noon:
Son Jeff and wife Katie from CA
hitting the famous Pike Market

Son Patrick and wife Joanna from TN
enjoying Seattle-style breakfast:)

Buzz was reunited with his wife and baby and she was so excited to see him:)
     Since last posting:  Lorraine, Antonia and I went to the Aquarium:

     We all spent a day at Seattle Center which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1962 World's Fair.
No, this picture of the Space Needle
was not taken in black & white
View from top of Space Needle taken by Lorraine.
I kept guard down below
Nice sky!
     We were joined by my sister-in-law Ann (sorry Ann, how did you never get in a picture but then neither did I so I guess our generation gets senior discounts but doesn't get in family pictures) and her 2 daughters and their 3 children all from Spokane, WA.  Fun day was had by all.
Cousins and second cousins or are they once removed?
     My favorite building was the just-opened permanent Chihuly exhibit called Garden and Glass.  If you've never seen any of his work and have an opportunity, it's pretty amazing.

Sue in front of one the largest installations

Evelyn - this one's for you - the AMAZING ceiling 

Love the color combination of this one

All glass and it's outside, exposed to all the wonderful liquid sunshine in Seattle
I guess this will have to do on most days
     We've been on the docks - eating, at Pike Market - eating, on a tour bus - listening to other recommendations of where to eat,  eating at Sleepless in Seattle locations, Man vs. Food locations, recommended ice-cream chops, waffle shops, diners, hotels, you name it - we've sampled a good variety of the MANY offerings in this foodie city.  BUT, we missed this pork-themed street truck we saw just after lunch:

(I'm sorry but I can not figure out any consistent way to move pictures around on blogger - so frustrating!!)
     Family is at baseball game tonight and Grandma and Antonia are relaxing in the hotel:

     One more day in Seattle and then on to Vancouver where I'll really be in the dark - internet-wise so I probably won't be back on-line until July 8th or 9th.  Until then. . . I hope the sun in shining where you are and I know it's warmer because it's all over the news that Seattle is the only place in the country right now with cooler temps.  Aren't we lucky:)


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