Monday, July 9, 2012

Central WA & turning east

Monday, July 9th

Everything went smoothly today:  checked out of hotel about 9, a 45 minute wait at border crossing in Blaine, WA at the Peace Arch crossing, 

returned rental car, caught shuttle to airport, caught airport parking shuttle to Rhoda and was on our way EAST by 2:30.

Like everyone else I'm sure, it was hard to leave the vacation behind but once I was behind the Rhoda's wheel again, I was ready to move on.

East of Seattle I began to ascend - to about 4000 ft - and then descend some pretty fierce looking mountains which must be the northern Cascades to include Iron Horse State Park and the John Wayne Trail.  I'm thinking I must be near Mt. Baker because all around me are peaks with snow still on them.  (and yes, I have the "tow-load" button pushed in)

It seems like most of the towns leaving Seattle all begin with the letter "S" and I can't pronounce any of them.

When I stopped for the night in Ellensburg, WA 
View from campsite
Yakima River
and got out of Rhoda to check in to a KOA, I thought I was back in Las Vegas - holy heat!!  After wearing 4 layers of clothes in Seattle and only 2 in Vancouver, I forgot that part of WA was a desert.  But I was just in the mountains with snow - how can it so quickly get so hot.  First order of business - off with the socks, off with the long pants, screens on Rhoda because even though it was hot, there was a nice breeze and a fast-flowing river right at my back door.  It's the quietest river  for being so fast flowing.  You can't hear a thing.


Mileage: 124                                            Campground:  $42

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