Monday, July 16, 2012

I Don't Know About MT

Post for Sunday, July 15th

Two nights in Great Falls, MT.
Two nights with storms.
Two nights without power.
Two nights without refrigeration. . .  because now my propane won't work:(  What next!!

So, the first night (Sat) the storm hit about midnight but I didn't know the power had gone out until 1:30 when I awoke to click, click, click - the refrigerator looking for gas but I wasn't going to go out at that time and turn the propane on so shut refrigerator off.   Power came back on about 4:30.

Yesterday (Sunday) I decided to stay put, clean inside Rhoda, pay bills, look at maps, get reorganized again.  At about 3 sky got dark, wind came up and I scurried to get rugs, computer, paperwork, chair, snacks, etc.  put back inside just in time for huge drops and then pounding rain, thunder to start.  And the power went out and again.   In a couple of hours, click, click, click.  This time I went out (rain had stopped) and turned propane on but nothing happened when I tried to light stove and therefore gas wasn't flowing.  So stuff got warm in refrigerator as power didn't come back on until about 2:30 a.m.

So, now I'm without running water, no propane and generator only runs for 1/2 hr.  BUT, I can use the toilet and I'm guaranteed a bed.  I'm good when I can plug in but heading out to the hinterland today so I don't know what I'll find.  For a state as large as MT, the campground section in the Woodalls book is very small.

This KOA campground has a small garden that I was told anyone can pick from so before the rain yesterday I went in search of it and this is what I found:

Baby onions, radishes, baby zucchini and about 1 C raspberries
 I was going to fix a fancy dinner in my new microwave grilling dish (which really does grill) of grilled veggies (adding carrots and baby bok choy which I already had) on couscous BUT no power so I had a tuna fish sandwich.
New Micro Hearth Grilling Pan

Oh well, maybe tonight.  One can always hope.

Off to Lewis & Clark interpretive center and C.M. Russell (cowboy artist) museum and maybe a buffalo jump place if I can find it then heading east to Lewistown where there's suppose to be a community of Hutterites (?) and lots of fresh produce and crafts.  One can always hope.



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