Thursday, July 19, 2012


Thursday, July 19th

Everything seemed bigger than life today:  

the Painted Canyon
The sun was shining right into the canyon so dulled all the colors
the planted fields of grain and corn because all of a sudden you're out of the Badlands and it's flat again
the highway stretching ahead for miles on end
the blue sky over everything
the winds
the heat - 102 degrees at 1 p.m. and cows are standing udder-deep in water
the loss of another hour
Salem Sue

The performance last night was interesting.
There were escalators going down into the amphitheater but not up out of it after
Scenery was very professional and very impressive with the use of the real scenery behind it
Actors/singers/musicians were all very powerful and good.  Even several real horses and riders.

It stayed hot all evening - probably in the 90s.


mileage:   245                           gas:   $78 @ $3.70                               camp:  $28
haircut:  $32                             groceries:  $24


  1. Looks like a fun play! But why have escalators going down and not up?! Going down is the easiest.

    Cows are smart - they know how to cool off.

  2. The theater holds 2800 people and it was probably at least 3/4 full and everyone walking up except for about 4 golf carts that were going up and back with some people.

    today cows were belly deep.