Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Still in MT !!

Tuesday, July 17th

Yes, I'm still in MT.  I told you - it's as big as TX or seems like it.

But, in all fairness, I got a late start as I noticed as I was getting ready to leave that one of my tires looked pretty flat - well not flat but definitely needing air and when I tested it with my gauge, it was down about 30 lbs.

Have you tried to find air at a gas station lately?  I drove around Billings for a while and couldn't find any station that had any but did find a Tire & Automotive shop and figured they certainly would have air.  I apologized for not needing new tires but asked if they could just give me some air.  Awesome person - he came right out and of course was more interested in Rhoda and the size of her engine than her tires but eventually got down to business to even taking the spare tire down to check that too - which was really flat - not surprised - I've never checked it nor thought to.  He even taught me how to better use my gauge because I'd thought both back tires were a little soft but only the one was.  He said that because it was down so much air that I must have picked up a nail or something and wanted to check it for me.  Long story short - there was a leak around the nozzle thing which they fixed and all for $15.  Now who charges $15 for anything anymore.  So, I'll give Edam's/Staley's Tire & Automotive in Billings, MT a big THANK YOU!!  And I'm thinking I like Billings.

Back on 94 E for the rest of the day.  The scenery was varied with lots to look at and it kept changing - first lots of trees and greenery, a river AND railroad tracks alongside and then back to scrub and little camel hump mountains, range land with cattle and horses but always the blue skies and fluffy white clouds.
These are the hay bale sentinels I mentioned yesterday
Way back when I said how discouraging it must be for
a farmer to have to tackle these huge fields of grain

Even though we've had thunder & lightening and rain
every night - the days are blue skies & fluffy white clouds

Country music and junior rodeo results were my friends today.  First time I've had the radio on in days and there weren't even any preaching stations.  This was like WICY in Malone - all the local happenings and where you could buy your rifle raffle tickets and which kind of cattle would be offered in the next auction, who died and how much they'd be missed all mixed in with good - ole down and out country sagas.  Kept me entertained along with the scenery.

My Woodalls campground bible led me astray - I decided to stop in Glendive where there were supposedly 3 campgrounds.  1 was no longer in operation, 1 didn't exist or if it did it left no evidence behind or the address was wrong and the phone # changed and 1 no one had ever heard of.  So, I went back an exit because again, there wasn't anything forward for miles and miles, and stayed in some one's back yard with a few electric poles, lots of oil workers and Woodalls recommendation!!  I don't know about this camper's bible???  Hasn't led me down the path of better camping.

mileage:  240                     gas:  $36  @ $3.40                          Camp:  $20
tire repair:  $15

P.S.  Sorry about my slam on Mussel County yesterday.  Today I came across Mussel River in Rosebud County near Bad Route Road.

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