Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Beautiful Badlands - Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND

Wednesday, July 18th

I made it to ND by 8 a.m. as the oil workers go to work with their diesel trucks at 5 a.m.

The drive again was very pretty with the funny little hills of rocks and undergrowth of oranges, yellows, all shades of green and beiges and the blue skies.
Beautiful Badlands of ND
What I thought were open grain train cars turned out to be coal cars - lots of them.  Didn't know they were still mining that much coal.

Funny, but for the past couple of days the words to Home on the Range have been going through my mind (along with America the Beautiful) and today, the 2nd exit (#7) in ND was for Home on the Range.  It just appeared to be a complex of buildings huddled together with a farm house so. . . maybe it's a dude ranch like Kathy went to.

Bought ticket for stage show tonight in Medora which has been recommended by several - outdoor amphitheater.  I decided to pass on the pitchfork fondue.  I'll give a review of the show tomorrow as I'm sure it'll be a late night - my first time getting into my campsite after dark - and backing in no less.

The National Park was very fun.  Of course you know my love of rock formations so even though this is considered the badlands of ND, I thought them pretty awesome.  And just look at all the buffalo - sorry - bison that run the place.
In T. Roosevelt NP
Prairie Dog Village in NP
Who can find Rhoda?

Oh give me a home. . .
where the buffalo roam

and roam right down the road

momma & calf cross together
but calf is thirsty
If you got an itch. . .

mileage:  85                          gas:  $64  @ $3.58                             camp:  $27
National Park:  $0                 stage performance:  $38                     ice cream:  $3.50


  1. Aren't the Badlands gorgeous!! I did this trip several years ago. A couple at a rest area told me to be sure and go to Wall S.D. So I am telling you the same thing. You will see signs along the road about Wall Drug. What a funky and interesting place. How are the temps where you are?

  2. I've been to Wall - many years ago but if I'm in the area, will go through it again.
    Temps are HOT!! Locals are even complaining. Today, east of Bismark it hit 102 and humid but compared to FL humidity, I'd say it's not that humid but it is HOT!

  3. WOW! Look at all of the bison/buffalo!! I think I could watch them for awhile. So do they take forever to cross the road? The little calf is cute but bet Momma is quite protective. I'm sure they don't have too many places to scratch and what do they do if they have an itch on their back? haha.