Wednesday, October 31, 2012


5 states in one day.  Just a lot of driving today.  Mostly not on interstates until I hit Mobile, AL and got on I-10.  Hard to get across the panhandle in any decent time without going I-10.

Prettiest part of the trip was just south of the LA border where I followed the Mississippi River for about 20 miles so close that you could easily see the knees of the cyprus growing along the edge of the river.

Other than that, just a lot of driving - some easy with no traffic and lots of barren fields waiting for spring and some heavy traffic around cities and lots of different speeds from 25 in school zones to 70 on I-10.

Home tomorrow after probably another day of 7-8 hrs. driving but at least it's warmer so I could shed 3 of my 4 layers:)  Love it.

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