Tuesday, September 18, 2012


     It's taken me almost 2 weeks to get my technology all up and running since I got back to FL with my land-line phone just being fixed yesterday and my TV this past week-end so I've put off my final entry here until I could sit down and think about it.

    This is mostly just a wrap up for me but maybe others will find it interesting.

    First, the last leg of the trip.

    Left VA on Labor Day back on Rt. 29 with again lots of red lights which wasn't good for Rhoda's new brakes but by Lynchburg it got better but the speed limit kept changing from 50 to 55 to 65 and once in awhile to 70.    Also, Rt. 29 (future Rt 785) took some abrupt turns so you needed to stay alert.

     Kudzu druids began to appear here.  How sad.  Also, tobacco fields were prevalent.  Neat plants standing tall and erect and turning yellow now - part of the drying process as I also saw trucks with loads of plants going to drying sheds I presume.

     N. of Greensboro, NC I got on to Rt. 220 which also had lots of turns so again, be alert.

     In Rockingham, got on Rt. 1 to Wallace to Cheraw and on to Rt. 52 to I-95 south in Florence.  It was now 2 p.m. (I'd left at 7:30 a.m.)  So the decision is how far to go.  At exit 33 in SC,  near Beaufort, there were 2 campsites (KOA & a private one) but I kept driving and so at that point I guess I was rather committed to go all the way - too close to stop for the night but later than I'd driven on the whole trip.

     Got to Lorraine & Buzz's about 9:30 p.m. so it was a 14 hr. driving day and about 800 miles.  Never would have believed I could do it but it was good to be this close to home - on the 3rd of Sept.  Left the following day for my home and here I am.

Wrap-Up Details
I saved my last allowable picture for this map showing my completed circle
TOTAL MILES DRIVEN:  9600            average of 115 miles/day
                                                  most driven in one day (other than last day) 300, least 7
TOTAL COST OF CAMPGROUNDS:  $1775         average night of $22
                                                  most expensive: $68 (outside Yosemite), least $3 in a National
TOTAL FOR GAS:  $ 2600
TOTAL DAYS TRAVELED:  (not counting returning to FL)  82

REFLECTIONS:  This blog made my experience limiting (campsites with wi fi, 2 hrs. average per night to publish it) but also has provided a permanent journal for me to refer to and to remember.
                               I will always be grateful for the outcome of my brake/tire problem.  There are no coincidences.
                               The planning every night or morning got to be a little tedious at times and that was even with not knowing where I was going or what I might see.  I'd like to be more disciplined to do more research before leaving.  But I loved the freedom too of not having a lot planned but you do have to know when to turn and in what direction and basically what kind of road you're on and will it end or continue and how far until the next gas station.
                               Our National Parks are just AMAZING.  Each one is so different.  We need to keep funding them to preserve them!!
                               And Blogspot is very frustrating!  I couldn't place pictures where I wanted them, couldn't place text where I wanted it, and of course ran out of storage space or some such thing so couldn't post all the pictures I wanted to but maybe I just need to "read the book" or maybe because it's free, that's all you get - you get what you pay for and all that.
                              But all in all, it was a great trip but must admit that by the end I was ready to be done for awhile.  Maybe it's because I was on the go every day and never in the same place twice except a couple of times.  Maybe I'll try something different next time. . . there's always next time.
                             And until then. . . . thanks for traveling with me.

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  1. Great wrap-up, great trip, great memories. Thanks for allowing us to travel with you around the country - solo! Amazing. This is now something we can refer to at any time, or look to as a guide for planning future trips.