Friday, August 3, 2012

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses in IL, IN, OH, PA, & NY

It's August Already

Well, I do have lots of excuses for why I haven't been blogging in so long but I think they're legit:

  • cousins wi fi wasn't working (1 night)
  • cousin's reunion was in a remote area of IL with no internet and no cell (4 days)
  • on the road with a baby and daughter in Rhoda which meant that we ALL were in bed at the same time and even if there was internet - which there wasn't at the site - too much to get rearranged for eating and sleeping (2 nights)
  • many little second cousins running around and aunts and uncles to catch up with so that by bed time there was no time or energy left to post (3 nights)
  • and even now, I'm posting sitting at my daughter's friends house while 3 under 3 are getting acquainted and I'm being rude being on the computer but I know some of you are wondering where I am and what I've been up to 
But, it's all been a blur for the last 9 days.  Lots of family reunions and little sight-seeing - just Niagara Falls.

So, my sojourn is basically at an end.  I should be at Chateaugay Lake by Sunday and then about 3 weeks recuperating, unpacking, repacking, catching up with friends and more family, going to the County Fair, and hopefully just chilling by the lake.  

My posts will be sporadic for awhile but hopefully you'll check in with me once in awhile and hope to see some of my Solo Trekkers in "the middle" in October.
Second generation cousins
Plumb cousin reunion

Cousin David cooking steaks

4 generations

All kinds of things use our highways
Guess where

One of the cities we went through
Kast Family Farm with one room
school house in background
This is the way Antonia traveled
in Rhoda and she slept
between the 2 beds.
Worked well.

Well, I changed the oil again so must have gone at least another 3000 miles since last time
LOTS of gas but I don't think $3000.00 worth since last posting
Camping:  lots of free nights with a 110 converter in driveways but a few nights in campgrounds

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  1. Wow, I am so glad to see you're back. I had all kinds of terrible thoughts about why you weren't blogging. Glad all is well!!